Louise DeCarl Adler is a criminal who works as a judge for the U. S. government.  A summary of her known misconduct and criminal acts can be found here.  People who are looking for a rental in San Diego, California, should know who the person is from whom they are renting.  Louise DeCarl Adler has lied, disregarded rules of court, disregarded the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, and disrgarded the law.  She routinely uses the U.S. Constitution as a doormat.  Her crimes include fraud, misprision of felony, concealing and covering up records in bankruptcy, obstruction of justice, and possibly more. People who do not want to support criminal activity or an evil person should look for another condominium to rent.  Her rental is at Del Prado William Krisel Condominiums and is unit 1501 located at 666 Upas Street, San Diego, California.

Loiuse DeCarl Adler 2005
circa 2005

Loiuse DeCarl Adler 2010
circa 2010

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