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Ohio Court Says Judge Cannot Add Years to a Prison Sentence Because the Defendant Called Him Names


You can’t make this stuff up.  This case highlights one aspect of the injustice found in our criminal "justice" system.  Criminal defendants have a right to curse at judges without getting years tacked on to their prison sentences.  That seems like it should go without saying, right?  But somehow the matter went all the way to the Ohio state Supreme Court after an appeals court upheld a trial judge's decision to add six years to a man's sentence for calling the trial judge names.

Why Aren’t More Judges Punished for Misconduct?


The following are a sequence of some of the many, many videos found concerning judges behaving badly or criminally.  It was actually difficult to choose which ones to include.  However, finding videos—or any news for that matter—of judges being held accountable is an entirely different story.  It is virtually impossible to find any reports or videos of any judge being reprimanded or prosecuted for wrongdoing.

Department of Justice Launches Investigation into Police Response to Uvalde School Shooting


It is just another day in America where a mass shooting occurs.  This last mass shooting took place in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24th.  Americans were faced with the grim reality that the local police delayed its response to the gunman.  Inquiry comes amid anger over why officers waited over an hour outside the classroom where the gunman killed twenty-one people.

Corrupt Prosecutor’s Side Hustle


Ralph Petty worked as an assistant district attorney in Midland County, Texas, for 20 years.  Like any prosecutor, he aggressively advocated for the government.  But he wasn't just any advocate, because he wasn't just a prosecutor.  Each night, Petty took off his proverbial DA hat and re-entered the courthouse as a law clerk for the same judges he was trying to convince to side with him by day.

Supreme Court Scandal: Justice Thomas


Justice Thomas ruled on election cases.  Should his wife’s texts have precluded him?  The nature of the text messages was enough to require his recusal.  But, the Supreme Court has traditionally left such decisions to the discretion of the justice in question.  Herein lies the problem.  Judges cannot be left to judge themselves—it’s human nature for anyone to deny his or her bias.  This is why we so desperately need all judges—and certainly Supreme Court judges—to be regulated by a neutral third party.  But will it ever happen?  I won’t hold my breath.

Corruption in the California Federal Judicial System: Part Four of a Four-Part Series


The following is the fourth installment of this series, which recounts what many people who have not (yet) experienced our wonderful legal system will find totally unbelievable.  It is a portion of a criminal complaint that I've tried to put in front of the special grand jury.  The person I'm writing about in this particular segment, Louise DeCarl Adler, is a judge for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California.

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