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Why Aren’t More Judges Punished for Misconduct?


The following are a sequence of some of the many, many videos found concerning judges behaving badly or criminally.  It was actually difficult to choose which ones to include.  However, finding videos—or any news for that matter—of judges being held accountable is an entirely different story.  It is virtually impossible to find any reports or videos of any judge being reprimanded or prosecuted for wrongdoing.

Interview with Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor Authors

In this interview, Sara and Tom discuss the genesis of their book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor: Understand America's Corrupt Judicial System—Protect Yourself Now and Boost Chances of Winning Cases Later. They touch upon several topics that they cover in it and that affect many U.S. citizens: traffic tickets, criminal defense, divorce, small claims, and much more. They explain their overall approach in the book.

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