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Select any one of the following organizations that we proudly sponsor to designate it as the recipient of a donation in the form of a percentage of the total sale price of the books in your order. The purple button under each is provided in the event you want to learn more abour that particular organizartion. If you have come to our website via a link from one of these organizations, it has automatically been designated as the donation recipient. In that case, there is no need to make a selection. There is absolutely no extra cost to you for the donation. To disperse the donation among all organizations or to designate none of them, check/uncheck here:  checkbox

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Visit Truth in Justice Visit Campaign for Liberty Visit Wilderness Conservancy

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Visit Olivia Hudson Foundation Visit Dreamscape Foundation Visit Lymphatic Research & Education Institute

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Visit The Melissa Agosto Foundation Visit Stimz Visit Blue Sky Foundation

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Visit Rugby Creek Animal Rescue Visit Blue Skies Foundation Visit Hayzel's Helping Hands

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