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This rating should be as objective as possible. A "0" would be Judge Thomas J. Maloney, for example. A "9" might be Judge Andrew Napolitano, for example.

Describe in as much detail as you like what the judge did that was wrong. Do not rant. We need to pinpoint the corruption as it relates to the rules and law in order for this forum to be constructive. Corruption or malfeasance can be, but is not limited to: taking bribes, talking to the other party ex-parte without your knowledge, breaking any rules of procedure, violating state or federal law, violating the state or U.S. Constitution, acting under the "color of law", refusing to recuse when there is a direct conflict of interest, or other blatant bias. Also, keep in mind the state or federal Code of Judicial Conduct, as applicable, which is quite frequently broken. Acting in direct opposition to any of the preceding is grounds for inclusion in our database:

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*We have decided to identify judges by state since they can change courts, systems, and rank.