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Upcoming Wellness Book

In Paperback and eBook

The sequel by Smart Play Publishing, Stack the Health Odds in Your Favor, is due out in 2017. This time Tom Scott teams with fellow fitness pro, Susan Baxter in New Zealand. In its predecessor's style, it will feature "soup to nuts" information, however, in the health and wellness field instead of the legal field.

Although it may have applications worldwide, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor is geared toward the American public. Contrastively, this wellness book will not only be applicable to people living in the U.S., but also to those living in many different countries including the U.K., New Zealand, and Australia and be available for purchase there as well.

Rank beginners and seasoned health and wellness professionals alike will find informative facts and other unique material in this upcoming publication from which they similarly can benefit, but this time to stack the health odds in the their favor.

Susan and Tom have 40+ years of combined fitness experience that they will share with you in this unprecedented health and wellness book!

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