Since posting my article on the current condition of our judicial system, I have received numerous emails and phone calls from individuals across the country.  Based on these continuing communications, I have concluded that the average citizen is in far more danger stepping into a courtroom of any kind than from any commonly recognized criminal activity on the street.  At least with a street criminal you stand a chance of defending yourself.

Many of the people who contacted me spoke of going so far as to meet with the FBI in the hopes of getting an investigation launched into the criminal conduct of not only judges, but also of state agency actors who, acting under the auspices of their offices, repeatedly violated not only the law but the civil and lawful rights of individuals.

Many of these actors believe they are immune from prosecution due to the office they hold.  While the office itself may be immune, the individual occupying it can be held personally liable under a constitutional tort for actions that are intentional or negligent.  These tort claims hold the official directly and personally responsible for his actions; which is exactly why “tort reform” is high on the agenda of things to get done, in the District of Criminals.


In absolutely every case, without exception, of those who approached the FBI in their respective states, a stock answer was delivered to those hopeful for some kind of help from this agency.  That answer was:

"You have a lot of evidence. But you just need to get more evidence, and then we can see if we can do anything to help you." (paraphrased, of course)

Or, the second and more common response:

“What is it you want us to do?” (paraphrased)

Having seen the stacks of court documents and evidence compiled by individuals who have fallen victim to judicial abuse and fiduciary malfeasance and fraud in more than 152 guardianship abuse cases, I have to wonder just how much evidence is enough for the FBI to get involved?

It appears that since our law enforcement departments fall under Homeland Security and are now allowed to lie, to fabricate evidence even on the stand, to harass and intimidate just because they can, and to break into your home if they say they smelled “something” or if they say they heard “something”, the courts seem to have joined in, in the violation of law and your civil rights.

In many instances, those reporting claimed to have also approached the Department of Justice (DoJ) only to be told they were not interested in pursuing any investigation into the corruption of judges, especially probate judges who, according to the GAO, have facilitated the theft of millions upon millions of dollars worth of assets from the elderly and disabled, declaring them incompetent after drugging them, discarding all previous legal instruments prepared in advance, and restraining family and friends from any contact with the victim while the estate is being robbed.

This system of abuse in probate courts is no secret and is well known not only on the state level but in the District of Criminals as well.  In these cases in particular, absolute mountains of evidence concerning theft of estates, medical mistreatment, kidnapping of the elderly (with assets) from their homes using law enforcement, and rampant judicial misconduct to facilitate the profiteering of professional fiduciaries who make a parasitic living robbing the elderly is so substantial, so voluminous, that no one at any level of government can claim she does not know and is not aware that it is happening.

The routine exclusion of evidence, the statements by more than one judge to the effect that the law is what they say it is, and, that in their court they don’t want to hear about your rights, should have us all demanding an investigation.

Those who were injured in courtrooms by the activities of corrupt judges in cahoots with equally corrupt attorneys and state agencies, including probate, were told to hire an attorney; it was a legal issue.  This of course assumes they can get an attorney to represent them at all, or if they do, that somehow a judge will magically appear that will actually uphold the law.

State-level attorneys general refuse to prosecute or even look at evidence.  Local district attorneys are equally reticent to defend the law or the rights of injured individuals.  This is cronyism at its worst, and we all pay the price.  And this is happening in every state of the union, without exception, in every court system.

I would like to say that I have an answer for this.  I don’t.  As our police are no longer there to “protect and serve” and as our courts are the genesis of more criminal activity than that which occurs on the street on any given day, we cannot even hope that agencies such as the FBI or DoJ will come to the rescue.

On the federal level, even though the Criminal gang that resides in the District at our expense is well aware that our courts are rotten to the core, the most they are willing to do is to hold useless “hearings,” which most of them nap through.  They have no intentions of doing anything to rectify the situation.

We are on our own.  The agencies and elected officials that should be jumping to our defense are sitting idly by watching the deterioration of the very core of our nation.  It occurs to me that when the law enforcement and judicial systems break down to this extent, we are witnessing government-sanctioned anarchy.

So…what do we do now?