The entire U.S. legal system is one big broken dysfunctional machine.  All courts in this country are corrupt, but this post will focus mainly on the “family” courts.  There are a number of things that can be done to change the family court system as it stands right now.  The most important step is to defund the financial incentives under Title IV-D and Title IV-E of social security, which promotes the separation of children from parents.  As long as these financial incentives exist, the racketeers controlling the system will find a way to continue to defraud the American people.  As a bonus to this step, we would make sure that elderly who have contributed to social security will have these funds available for them, instead of having them raided by government agents.

Another step to effectuate reform is to hold the racket leaders accountable.  The leaders of the racket are judges.  They are the ultimate authority upon whom all of the corruption we see in court depends.  The buck must stop with judges, and for that we must certainly reform America’s courts.  Here are some suggestions for this:

  1. Establish two-term limits for all elected judges.
  2. Open records to the public for all complaints filed against judges.
  3. Require a confidence/retention vote for all elected public officials (e.g. state senators, representatives, judges, attorney generals, etc.), regardless of someone running against them or not, to appear for a CONFIDENCE retention vote at the end of their respective election.  In case the public official is not retained in office, the governor shall appoint a temporary replacement, and new elections shall be held within ninety days to elect a replacement for that position.
  4. Remove the self-regulation of the legal profession and assign it to citizens’ grand juries in each district that would not only hear complaints against lawyers, but would also hear complaints against judges.
  5. Demand the enforcement of the separation of powers provided by most state constitutions.
  6. Make sure all judges have competition for their positions by making it easier for attorneys and other qualified people to accede, and actively find constitutional-friendly attorneys to successfully run against anti-constitutional incumbent judges.
  7. Improve courtroom transparency and accessibility.  Since courts are opened to the public, there should be legislation and funds available to make sure that every courtroom has live streaming video data that the public can readily access from the internet, and later readily retrieve as well.
  8. Create judicial watchdog organizations to monitor and report judicial abuse.  Information provided by these organizations would be instrumental in supporting constitutional-friendly judges, keeping away activist judges from the bench.
  9. Establish a national and state public official site/database to report/complain about a judge’s performance, with the ability to search by judge, attorney, guardians ad litem (GALs), and other “professionals” and to research different issues.  This will help us recognize trends and areas that need improvement.
  10. Work to restore two constitutional protections stripped away by the family courts:
    • If a judge decides to strip someone’s right to one’s children, require a speedy jury trial.
    • If a judge finds someone guilty of domestic abuse, require immediate transfer to the criminal court with a speedy jury trial as well.
  11. Use root cause analysis into judicial errors.  “A PROCESS FOR IDENTIFYING THE BASIC OR CAUSAL FACTORS THAT UNDERLIE VARIATION IN PERFORMANCE, INCLUDING THE OCCURRENCE OR POSSIBLE OCCURRENCE OF A SENTINEL EVENT.”  Sentinel events are judicial errors that lead to injury, an unexpected occurrence involving death, or serious physical or psychological injury.

There are some unscrupulous attorneys and other parasites in the system that are capitalizing on children’s suffering to enrich themselves.  These individuals believe that it is not what you know or what the truth is, but who they know and how they can twist the truth in order to determine the outcomes in family court cases.  Their behavior is reminiscent of the cronyism and corruption experienced in many third world countries.  The solution: crack down on attorneys and so-called professionals who may be abusing the family court system.

“The greatest scourge an angry Heaven ever inflicted upon an ungrateful and a sinning people, was an ignorant, a corrupt, or a dependent Judiciary.” —Chief Justice John Marshall.