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Your charity code is missing or incorrect if you see this message.

If you landed on this page from a search engine and want to learn more about and possibly participate in our free and generous affiliate program, select the "Check out a brief description of the program" link near the bottom of our home page and the rest of this message does not apply. If you did not land on this page via a web search and are visiting it from a custom link we have provided you, then please check that your charity code is part of the URL to this page.

The URL in the address bar should look something like:
without the quotes and with your actual charity code replacing YOUR_CODE at the end of this example link. Only the charity code itself should contain UPPER CASE and be entirely composed of it, and it should have no spaces.

If you see a %20 anywhere in the URL, it means there was an unwanted space in the link you entered for every %20 that you see, which you will need to remove. You can retry the link that was given to you or place the cursor in the address bar and manually remove the "%20"s.

If you are still seeing this message after correcting or retrying the link, contact us.