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Top FBI Official in Los Angeles Connected to Tom Girardi


Corruption runs deep in Los Angeles.  It appears that the investigation into Tom Girardi is starting to peel back the layers of inside involvement by a government official and private individuals who conspired with Girardi and his law firm.  Last week, the head of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office formally recused himself from the federal investigation into fraud and corruption by Tom Girardi and others at his now defunct law firm.

The California Bar’s Failure to Stop Corrupt Attorneys


The system wonders why the public does not trust lawyers.  Case in point—the California bar’s abject failure to stop corrupt and disbarred attorney Tom Girardi.  The State Bar of California has failed to discipline corrupt attorneys, allowing lawyers to repeatedly violate professional standards and harm members of the public, according to a long-awaited audit the agency recently released.

Why Immunity Must End


Immunity comes in many disgusting flavors: qualified, prosecutorial, judicial, absolute, sovereign, and more.  The only form of it that should exist is immunity from disease.  There is absolutely nothing whatsoever about its other forms in the Constitution.  Immunity is merely a legal doctrine created by our wonderful judiciary members to protect themselves from justice.  It is a concept whereby it absolves wrongdoers from accountability, which is a really bad thing.  

Ohio Court Says Judge Cannot Add Years to a Prison Sentence Because the Defendant Called Him Names


You can’t make this stuff up.  This case highlights one aspect of the injustice found in our criminal "justice" system.  Criminal defendants have a right to curse at judges without getting years tacked on to their prison sentences.  That seems like it should go without saying, right?  But somehow the matter went all the way to the Ohio state Supreme Court after an appeals court upheld a trial judge's decision to add six years to a man's sentence for calling the trial judge names.

Why Aren’t More Judges Punished for Misconduct?


The following are a sequence of some of the many, many videos found concerning judges behaving badly or criminally.  It was actually difficult to choose which ones to include.  However, finding videos—or any news for that matter—of judges being held accountable is an entirely different story.  It is virtually impossible to find any reports or videos of any judge being reprimanded or prosecuted for wrongdoing.

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