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Corruption in U.S. District Court RI—Joseph Michaud Conspires with Judge McElroy: Part Two of Two

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Nationwide Web of Crime and Corruption

This post is a continuation of last month's.  As astounding as these events are, and as intricate the web of crime and corruption, they are not unique to me.  Our country's legal system is so incredibly bad that I have no doubt it is at least as bad as, if not worse than, any third world's system, such as Nigeria, Somalia, Mozambique, or even Mexico.  Without further ado, here is part two of last month's post:

Corruption in U.S. District Court RI—Joseph Michaud Conspires with Judge McElroy: Part One of Two


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again Joseph Leonard Michaud, a state judge in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, has violated Constitutional law, ethical rules, and criminal laws: Rhode Island state law §11-32-3 and federal law 18 U.S. Code § 1503—both of which are felonies.  Michaud has obstructed justice in three separate court systems: trial courts in his home state, bankruptcy court in California, and now federal court in Rhode Island.  Just days ago, a public reprimand was issued against him.  Understand that any form of judicial discipline is exceedingly rare here in Amerika.  This upstanding citizen has also been sued multiple times.  For example, one matter was an action related to wind turbines and another involved union issues.

New Laws in 2023

new laws in 2023

With a new year comes a host of new laws and regulations in states and cities across the country.  Residents and business leaders will have to abide by some major changes to their current policies following laws passed by state legislatures and ballot measures approved by voters.  These laws deal with issues like raising the minimum wage, improving workplace pay transparency, and legalizing certain drugs.

Top FBI Official in Los Angeles Connected to Tom Girardi


Corruption runs deep in Los Angeles.  It appears that the investigation into Tom Girardi is starting to peel back the layers of inside involvement by a government official and private individuals who conspired with Girardi and his law firm.  Last week, the head of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office formally recused himself from the federal investigation into fraud and corruption by Tom Girardi and others at his now defunct law firm.

The California Bar’s Failure to Stop Corrupt Attorneys


The system wonders why the public does not trust lawyers.  Case in point—the California bar’s abject failure to stop corrupt and disbarred attorney Tom Girardi.  The State Bar of California has failed to discipline corrupt attorneys, allowing lawyers to repeatedly violate professional standards and harm members of the public, according to a long-awaited audit the agency recently released.

Why Immunity Must End


Immunity comes in many disgusting flavors: qualified, prosecutorial, judicial, absolute, sovereign, and more.  The only form of it that should exist is immunity from disease.  There is absolutely nothing whatsoever about its other forms in the Constitution.  Immunity is merely a legal doctrine created by our wonderful judiciary members to protect themselves from justice.  It is a concept whereby it absolves wrongdoers from accountability, which is a really bad thing.  

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