After years of lawyer-criminals and lawyer-in-black-gown-criminals committing crimes against me, I partnered with Sara Naheedy—an exceptional lawyer and an even better person—to launch my first book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor.  Although it is the best protective guide for people who have been and have yet to be abused by the off-the-rails corrupt US legal system, it does not offer tactics that will force judges to follow their own rules of court, the judicial canons, the law, and the U.S. Constitution.  This post is a guerilla warfare 101 primer about exactly how to do just that.

People mistakenly believe in a one-size-fits-all adage, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar."  While this may be true for life in general, it is a pipedream for the scoundrels who are part of the world’s largest crime syndicate—the US legal system.  There the adage, "You can go a long way with a smile; you can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun," becomes far more applicable.

The remainder of this post will address the multi-faceted approach that can be taken to hammer judges into submission.  They won’t like it.  They may try to intimidate you.  They will probably kick and scream.  But if you or a loved one has been victimized by these criminals and have illegally lost your liberty, home, or other property, there is no other way to successfully and legally fight back.  Because the judicial oversight boards are a total, complete joke, contacting your senators—particularly those on the Senate Judiciary Committee—may be helpful.  A "canned" letter and contact information can be found here.

Over the last year, I’ve called the chambers of two criminals in black gowns more than 3,000 times.  Ten times a day multiplied by more than 300 days yields that number.  I simply say, "I HATE the rampant crime and corruption in the world's largest crime syndicate.  Who will deliver justice in case number 23-1184 instead of committing more crimes, you criminal, satanic beings?"  I do this via voicemail since they no longer take my calls.  But I’m turning up the heat and calling ten of them five times daily now.  There is absolutely nothing illegal about asking for crime to stop, regardless of who is committing said crimes.  More details about how to go about calling judges’ chambers can be found here.

In addition to the calls to senators and judges, I’ve also flooded judges and other court personnel with 10,000 emails per day, or 440,000 emails over the span of a couple months, automatically from my server.  I include a 1MB attachment with each message that says, "I HATE the rampant crime and corruption in the world's largest crime syndicate.  Who will deliver justice in case numbers 22cv354, 23cv187, 21cv1807, 23-1518, 23-1184, 23-1840, 20-01053, 20-90093, 22-55229, 23-6096, and 23-6636 instead of committing more crimes?"  You could do the same thing; however, replace the case numbers with those specific to you.  Since most people are not technically savvy, the way to set up automated mailing is as follows since third-party mass emailers, such as Mailchimp, are not up to the task:

  • Buy several domains.  This can be done through hundreds of providers.  I recommend staying away from most of the mainstream registrars since they tend to be expensive.  If you’re paying more than about $10 per year per domain, you’re paying too much.  The reason for the bulk purchase is that the criminals will likely block emails from a given domain after just one or two days; therefore, you can assume that each domain will only suit your needs for two days at most.
  • Obtain hosting for the domains.  One reasonably priced and solid host is this one.  Again, if you're paying more than $4 per month for shared hosting, you're paying too much.  There are multiple ways to approach hosting for the purposes of this post, but the assumption is that all the weaponry you will wield is disposable.  Sending massive numbers of daily emails from a non-dedicated host will likely result in termination of that account.  You have three basic options here:
    1. Obtain a number of shared web hosting accounts that offer a free trial period.  You will want to sign up in a staggered fashion so that as you sequentially burn through each account, another will be ready to go.  This is particularly important if your planned email blasting period is longer than the trial periods.
    2. Obtain a number of free shared web hosting accounts.  Free hosts that will achieve the purposes described in this post include: GoogieHost, Freehostia, and many others.  Some even come with a free domain. With either of the two options, you need to find a host that offers PHP, cron, at least one email account, and a daily email limit that suits your needs.  My needs require 10,000 emails per day (250 emails to 40 recipients/criminals).  You will have to plan accordingly and obtain enough hosts for your purposes.  If, for instance, you plan on sending emails over the period of three months, Monday through Friday, you will need approximately thirty-two domains and hosting accounts, assuming you use each pair for two days.
    3. Obtain a dedicated server and host all the domains there.  Some, such as IONOS, can be found for $32 per month.  This is the most robust option but also the most expensive.
  • Unzip this file in your home space on your server(s).
    • Replace "/home1/tsapr/public_html" in cron.php and configure_mail_criminals.php with the actual path to your public html directory (your home directory).  "public_html" is generally universal, but it may differ in your case.  "home1" is sometimes just "home" or "home2."
    • Replace "yourdomain.com" with your actual domain in configure_mail_criminals.php.
    • Set the password in configure_mail_criminals.php accordingly.  You may have to change "$mail->Port" as well to 25 or something else.  There are only a few options for port numbers, which vary based on how the server is set up.
    • In the folder named images in your public html directory, upload a similar image but customized to your needs and replace the placeholder that is already there.  Be sure to name the image "email.jpg."  The larger it is, the faster it will fill up email boxes, but some web hosting providers limit email attachments, typically on the order of 50MB to 100MB per email.  Keep this in mind.
    • Change your_email_address in cron.php to the email address to which you want to receive notifications when the email blast program starts and stops.  This way, you will get a notification when the cron begins and ends.  Not receiving the terminating email will also let you know if one of the criminals has pressured your provider to limit the number of emails that can be sent or that they have been blocked entirely.  In any event, if you don't get either notification email, you'll know someone has tinkered with something.  If the provider limits your cron jobs to run only for a finite time, 5 minutes, for example, simply schedule more crons to run throughout the day.  At one time, I had 20 crons queued up and ready to go.  Since emails are configured to be sent once every 2 seconds, I was still able to send the 3,000 emails that needed to be sent.  The way to check for this requires additional software and information, so I've commented below for details about how to go about checking cron run time.
    • Change lines 11-13 in cron.php accordingly to send out the number of emails you want to send.
    • Put the email addresses of the intended recipients in criminals.txt when ready to go "live" by replacing the placeholder that is currently there.  Be sure to add just one address per line.
  • Create two cron jobs for each domain to automatically send out the emails for two days.  This can easily be done in cPanel.
    • Look for the "Cron Jobs" icon.
    • Click it.
    • Then from "Common Settings," make your selections or pick/override the five options below it.
    • For "Command," enter /usr/local/bin/php path/cron.php, except replace "path" with the actual path to your public html directory as above.  It is possible that the server is configured differently such that php is not located in /usr/local/bin. This should become apparent to you during initial testing whereby emails will not be sent and/or an error log will be created in your home directory.
    • Select "Add New Cron job," and you should see it appear at the bottom of the page, ready to go.
  • Ensure that the DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records are all correct, not only from cPanel, but from third party sources like dmarcly.com and mxtoolbox.com.  The preceding three records can all be configured using the Zone Editor and Email Deliverability tools in cPanel.  This will help ensure your messages make it to the criminals’ inboxes and not their spam folders.
  • After doing all this, I’d recommend "warming up" your new email addresses.  Big servers these days run certain algorithms that aggregate data on email addresses they find and give them a ranking score.  Temporarily configure your criminals.txt file to contain just your own address(es) to send yourself emails to some of the bigger internet email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo.  Configure another test cron job to send yourself these messages daily for as long as possible.  Perhaps even occasionally respond to them briefly as I did since it is unknown how "smart" these algorithms are—if they look for bidirectional email activity or not.  This should complete the warming-up process.
  • Don’t forget to block email at your noreply address (that you will need to create) so that the criminals cannot flood you with email if they so choose.

Keep in mind that what has been written here will likely be found nowhere else.  I am tired of laws being broken and crimes being committed against me in order to steal $1 million-plus in money and property from me and my family.....and the syndicate doing nothing (remedial) about it.  You may erroneously think you have a prayer with the right attorney or another judge or a different court, but if corruption permeates your case and is the only reason you "lost," then conventional warfare will not save you.  Period.

Understand that what I’m doing is legitimate.  They have committed crimes against me, and I’m retaliating.  If you lost your case on purely legal grounds and without corruption—although fair and honest judges are becoming extinct these days—the syndicate will likely file a civil suit against you or cook up some bogus charge to prosecute you criminally.  Therefore, be certain you have evidence of wrongdoing/crime/corruption before proceeding.  And back it up in many places!

Also understand that they have blocked my personal phone number in a vain attempt to stop me from calling judges' chambers.  One of the criminals' minions must have figured out that I switched to Google Voice and was able to somehow block it too.  However, by turning on "Anonymous caller ID" under settings, I was able to clear this "hurdle" in less than 60 seconds.  Once they block me again, I will simply move to another online service like Skype, PopTox, or one of the nearly unlimited other such providers out there.  The important point I'm making here is threefold:

  1. Rather than dispense justice, the syndicate would rather block my calls demanding it.....several times over.  Recall from last month's post that they have already redacted some court records and completely sealed others in order to (try to) prevent the public from hearing the truth.  I've taken care of that in these and other posts, in my second book, and elsewhere.
  2. If the syndicate could even remotely conjure up some bogus criminal charge(s) against me, its lackeys would have done so long ago rather than go through all the effort of constantly trying to block me.....and justice.
  3. Since I've therefore proved what I'm doing is not illegal—i.e., fighting crime 24/7 and taking it right to these criminals—there's no need to fear them trying to sue or prosecute you for doing the same thing.  Believe me; I have my very own special category well above the "top 10 most wanted," and if they could do anything about me, they would.  The domestic terrorists (US marshals) have shown up twice already, and I basically told them to pound sand both times.  I often state in court pleadings and filings and tell people I personally know that I will not stop until I take a bath with a hairdryer, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'm "watching my 6" vigilantly.

Other tactics that can be employed include writing your own book like I have and putting all the criminals' names in it and telling the world about the crimes they've committed.  You can also go after any side businesses they or their spouses have as I did with the lawyer/liar from the Department of Injustice, Kristin Tavia Mihelic.  I did the same with the criminal in the black gown who illegally blocked the bankruptcy that I filed in order to block the collection of the fraudulently created debt Joseph Leonard Michaud helped create.  You can even start your own podcast or website, such as corruptionreport.us, which I will freely give to anyone who wants to complete it.

Finally, if only a few thousand people do this nationwide, we will cripple the entire syndicate and force it to follow its own rules and the law.  Short of this, it will be business as usual.  Actually, it will continue to worsen.  Along with my first book mentioned above, I’ve just given you the keys to the kingdom.  It is up to you whether you choose to use them.....or discard them.