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About Us

The U.S. judiciary is not what some people think it is.

Its function over the last several decades has changed. It now operates more like a business—or an industry. Any victory achieved in the courts does not happen because of the legal system, but in spite of it.

It has become a total, complete best.


Finding a lawyer, self-help legal resource, or other similar resource is easy.

The drawback, however, is that they attempt to solve legal problems from an impractical standpoint.

Their solutions may look or sound great, but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to real-world application.

Impractical Coffee Cup

Cumulatively, the authors have decades of combined expertise conquering these shortcomings.

The complete picture, which includes background information, rules, and experiential strategy, must be drawn in order to successfully fight any legal battle.

This book does exactly that.

Our Book

The authors have produced an informative nonfiction self-help legal resource unlike any other. All the legal weaponry is laid out—the rules, the background, the secrets. Nothing is concealed from view. Therefore, the reader is better equipped to evaluate and choose whatever ammunition will most likely help achieve success in his or her particular legal campaign.

This project was conceived sometime in 2012, began in earnest in August of 2014, and culminated in March of 2016 with the launch of the book. Most authors write books merely for the sake of writing books. To the contrary, the basis for this project is to address a major issue in America—our failing judicial system—which some consider the top problem plaguing our country. The message embodied in our book must be told.

The book is the product of hundreds of hours of research, multiple fact-checking from various sources, and personal experience of the authors. In Sara's case, it is also includes the experience of her clients, and in Tom's case, the experience of his family and friends. It is ideal as a preparatory aid for every citizen aged eighteen and older who can unwittingly fall victim to the legal system or, worst case, as a remedial tool for someone who needs to better understand a current legal quagmire.

Both authors are currently based in California and will donate at least 10 percent of the proceeds from sales through this website to various charitable organizations nationwide.

No hardcover version is planned, but both an eBook and paperback are available.

Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor is published by


Sara has represented clients in real estate, immigration, employment, and business-related matters. She has practiced law in both the federal and state systems in California and was one of several attorneys who defended individuals and business entities in an $80 million federal RICO lawsuit in Los Angeles that was eventually settled through mediation.

She worked as in-house counsel for a property management company that she represented in numerous small claims lawsuits. Litigating small claims cases was a major influence on her view of the law as it affects ordinary Americans.

She understands the frustrations that most people experience when faced with the complexities and inefficiencies of the American judicial system and holds the view that it is often preferable to mediate rather than litigate. Sara has been practicing law since 2009. She received her Juris Doctor from Chapman University.

Tom has withstood approximately two dozen duels with the legal system—some voluntary, most not. Being a novice initially, he wasn't very adept, but quickly learned how to turn the tables on the system and beat it at its own game.

He shares with readers what has worked and what has not worked for him when battling in courts in various states. As is mentioned in the book, he has defeated those who are supposed to uphold the law and has never lost to a lawyer when fighting him or her one-on-one within the courts.

Tom is the world's former top-rated fitness model and is a former college and semi-pro athlete. He is also an accomplished commercial model and actor, has an engineering degree, holds a U.S. patent, sponsors two children in foreign countries, is a certified personal trainer, and is coauthoring the health and wellness sequel, Stack the Health Odds in Your Favor, with fellow fitness pro, Susan Baxter, of New Zealand.

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