Many people do not understand that the legal system can strike anyone at any time.  Regarding criminal matters, some hold the misconception that only the guilty get arrested, tried, and convicted.  Our corrupt judicial system has become a self-aggrandizing industry that feeds itself at the expense of Americans.

We discuss eye-opening facts:

  • America is not the greatest country in the world anymore…for anything good.

  • Statistics about police shootings, incarceration, and crime rate are astounding.

  • The system is the problem—not the solution; in fact, it is the top problem plaguing the nation.

We also highlight three things that must be done in order to fight the corruption and restore the country to the beacon of justice it once was when the Framers created it:

  • Education

  • Unification

  • Implementation

Essentially, the purpose of our presentations is to educate our audiences about and protect them from the legal system.  Our book is so crucial that it is endorsed by Senator Marco Rubio, noted whistleblower John Kiriakou, and Doctor Ron Paul who wrote the foreword.  Visit to read the first part for free.


Will you be prepared, not if, but when the legal system strikes?